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Welcome to Novi Sad

If you are looking for fun all year-round, visit north part of Serbia, discover a multicultural melting pot, be amazed by our people, spoil yourself with a multitude of nightlife options, plan top-notch entertainment for the family or escape the city.

Bathed by the river Danube and washed by Pannonian dawns, in the heart of Vojvodina, lies its capital city Novi Sad. Having nearly 400.000 inhabitants and more than twenty nations and nationalities, Novi Sad represents Europe in small. Novi Sad is the economic, cultural, sports, university, fair and festival centre of Vojvodina, as well as the seat of “Market Tours” travel agency. The everlasting valves reflecting its harmony, development and hospitality are contained in Petrovaradin Fortress (1699-1780), “Gibraltar on the Danube river”, one of the most typical fortification structures in Europe, the master-piece of the French architect Vauban and Fruška Gora mountain, an island of Pannonian sea in the former times and beautiful National park today, the largest island of lime trees in Europe with fifteen monasteries erected from 15th to 18th century and numerous memorial structures from our recent history. Novi Sad Has become the University center since 1960, the medical center with several completely equipped hospitals and institutes, cultural center with academy of Arts and science, radio and television broadcasting center and institutional center. This is why most of our programs start from Novi Sad and end there too. We are pleased that you are planing to visit our city or have already arrived here. The programs that we have to offer will help you take that extra step in getting to know Novi Sad in a better and more encompassing way.